Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman_The_Long_Halloween.jpgHave just finished re-reading Batman: The Long Halloween.  Did read this back in 2012.   But didn’t take my time with it since I borrowed.  Back then remember really like the story.  Have reading it again it was way better.  One of the best Batman stories I have read so far.  While all the Batman bad guys we all know and love are it there.   It is more grounded in a real world setting.  If you seen the best Batman movie, The Dark Knight, there are lots of elements taken from this story and worked into the movie.   This story is all most twenty years old and it could have came out yesterday.  Some times while older stories can be still good they don’t hold up well.  This not one of them.   I guess that this while to this day you can still buy new copies in stores.  This is well worth the time and money.  The more Batman in your life the better.

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