Mad Max

Mad_Max_Game.jpgHave decided to buy myself a copy of Mad Max.  After watching some game play videos.  Then after  watching Mad Max: Fury Road.  Which is super awesome by the way.  I had to play this game.  It come out on September 1, 2015 the same say as another huge game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.  Which all so looks good but not a real fan of those games.  Plus the price they wanted is way to high.  They wanted $75.00 plus tax.  It’s bad enough games for this gen hardware are $70.00.   Why should we have to pay more even if it’s only five dollars more.

Back on track.  Mad Max is a blast to play so far.  For being set in a desert wasteland there is a lot to look at and things to do.  There are lots of things to collect.  All of which can be used to upgrade your car/yourself or the main bases.  Driving the car is very fun.  Which is a good thing since you will be doing a lot of that.  My favourite thing to do so far is to take over the small enemies bases.  Once you do it becomes friendly and every so often give you more scrap (the in game money).  The combat is not bad.  Have just finished play Batman: Arkham Knight before playing this game.  The combat in both games has a similar base.  Mad Max is no ware as good.  However is still fun.  Enjoying the game. Well worth the money.

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