Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad_Max_Fury_RoadHave been waiting to see Mad Max: Fury Road even since I seen the first trailer back in August 2014.  The movie came out in theatres in May 2015.  Planed to seen it then but missed out.  Thought I would have to wait a long time to see it on Blu-ray.  Didn’t have to wait too long because it was out on disc September 1, 2015.  Gave this a watch before playing the game Mad Max.

First off this movie is awesome.  I have seen the other in the series and its is the best one.  The whole movie is a feast for your eyes.  Not just because everything looks cool.  But the way it was filmed.  You can see everything.  They don’t hide in the dark or cut away.  Like all action movie it has be be all about the action and stunts.  This is chock full of crazy crashed, stunts and shoot outs.  Think it is the best action movie that has been made in years.  Just like the past movie I think film makers will be ripping this one off for years to come.  The only thing I didn’t like was, of the little dialog there is was hard to make out.  This movie is well worth owing and very re-watchable.  You don’t have to be fan or seen the old movie.  This one stands on its own.  It is a must watch.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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