PS4 Minecraft Split Screen Multiplayer

PS4_Minecraft.jpgHave enjoyed playing the PS4 version of Minecraft off and on for many months now.  The other night a few of us decided to give split screen multiplayer a try.  Reading the screen says it is easy all you have to do is press the options button the the controller.  That worked but the you need to sign in the PSN or create a new account.  There is an option to play as a guest but that didn’t work for some reason.  So ended up sign in under my PSN name on my friends PS4.  Then it worked great.

The game plays just the same as single player.  The only difference was it was  harder to read the inventory screen.  It was blast playing together.  We decided to build a huge bridge in the sky.  Fell to our deaths or near death a bunch of times.  But it was still fun.  Plan to do it again sometime and see how much crazy we can built the bride.

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