Justice League: Gods And Monsters Review

Justice_League_Gods_And_Monsters.jpgThink it was a very smart move by DC Universe Animated to put out Justice League: Gods and Monsters.  It is something fresh and new.  A new take on the characters and world we think we know.  In this story they may share the same names but it takes place is in a different universe.  So they can do things they can’t in their other movies and TV shows.  For example, they don’t have any problem killing people.  As long as they are bad.

Really enjoyed watching this movie.  Liked how it brought something new to the table.  As all way the animation and voice work is top notch.  I hope this movie does well because I would like to see more of this universe.  I know there is a comic book in the works (one might be out now).  There is all so the Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles.  There are three episodes out.  Which are really good.  There will be a second season with ten episodes.  Much like the other DC animated movies not sure if this one will bring new people into the fold.  However think it does a better job of trying.  As for the fans all ready this is well worth your time checking out.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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