Kettle Brand Chips

Kettle_Brand_New_York_CheddarI am not a big potato chip eater.  Every few months or so might have some.  Well until Kettle Brand chips are on sale.  Have sampled a few of their flavours over the years.  Which were good.  But never bought any.  Well that is until I tired the New York Cheddar ones.  Oh, man they are so freaking good. That is why I am making a blog post about them.  They are now my all time favourite chip.  Don’t buy them unless they are on sale because I know I would eat too many.  All so like all chips they cost way to much.  Lucky for me they are on sale this week, two for $5.  If you have never tired them.  Do so now,  am sure you will be addicted to them as well.


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