Grand Theft Auto Online: The Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2

GTAOnline.jpgForgot to talk about the Grand Theft Auto Online part one of the Ill Gotten Gains update.  Which came out a few weeks ago.  That add all kinds of new high end stuff to the game.  Now they are back with The Ill-Gotten Gains Part Two.  That was released on July 8, 2015.  It added five new vehicles.  As well as two new weapons.  One is a pistol like shotgun called the Marksman Pistol. and the other is brass knuckles called Knuckle Duster.   As for the knuckles if you play on the PS4, Xbox One or PC there are nine variants to chose from.  Other big feature add is a new radio station called The Lab.  This was only for the PC version of the game.  There is all so all kinds of fixes for the game its self in the update as well.  You can read all the has been added to the game > here.

Ever time one of these updates comes out.  I have to log in and check all all the new stuff.  Even if I am playing other games GTA all ways sucks me back in for a while.

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