microSD Card

SanDisk_microSD_CardBack in January (2015) bought myself Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  The 8GB model thinking that should be fine.  Well find that filled up pretty fast back in May.  During free comic book day.  That was because Comixology.com gave way lots of digital comic books.  So every since then have been watching the flyers to seen if I could get a microSD card for a good price.  Seen lots of 16GB ones.  But wanted a 32GB one.  Found one the other night for about $30.  Am sure could have found a cheaper one.  But wanted a good one.  Bought the SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB.  About try it in my tablet.  Will be back with an update.

[Update] It works great.  Am very impressed that it had 30 GB of useable space.  Most times you never to close to what the label on the box says.

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