Prometheus Review

PrometheusBack in 2012 the movie Prometheus came out.  Wanted to see it but never did.  Well until today.  Didn’t know much about this movie other than it looked cool and is set in the same would as the Alien movies.  Have only ever seen one of those.  What doesn’t really matter because this movies stands by its self.

First off this movie has a very cool look to it.  All the acting and the special FX were top notch.  The best is Michael Fassbender’s character, David.  He plays with this good/bad guy very well.  The only disappointing think about the movie is, it is very predictable.  All the plot twists are not surprising at all.  Did enjoy watching this but if you are looking for a big twist or some thing shocking to happen.  You will not find it here.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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