Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles

Justice_League_Gods_And_Monsters.jpgA few post backed talked about the new DC Universe Animated movie Justice League: Gods and Monsters.  Which will be out July 28, 2015.  In that posted talked about a companion, prequel web-series which is called Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles.  Which are up on Machinima YouTube Channel.  Did watch them and they were all great.  While only a few minutes long they put a lot into them.  If they are any like what the full movie will be like it will make it the best one yet.  These shorts are much more adult.  All so they can get away with all more because it is not the same superhero’s we all know.  This first season is only three episodes long.  Did read there is a second season in the works.  Which will be ten episodes long.  Below are the are season one.  Well worth your time watching.





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