RIDEThe demo and full game of RIDE have been out for awhile in other markets.  The demo is now out in North America and the full game is out June 23, 2015.  Have been waiting to try this game ever since I seen a few videos.  Looks like a very sweet motorcycle game.  So gave the demo a try.  There are very few good motorcycle games and this one is no different.  Other than the motorcycles and the riders gear looking amazing.  The is is not good.  Well the one track you can play is very nice looking.  That’s all I liked about it.  Mind you it is better than that terrible Motorcycle Club game.

In the demo you have one track and three different motorcycles to choose from.  Like I said it all looks great.  The load times are too long even after you pick the bike it load.  Pick the track it loads.  Then you have to confirmer each chose again.  Followed by more loading.  The biggest problem is the game is to ridged.  It’s very old school.  Here the track.  Ride were we want you to.  Go to close to the sides and you crash.  You race on a two lane road.  With a fence one one side and rocks/mountain on the other.  There is no room to go off the track.  So you crash.  Go into a corner to fast and try to stop.  Ended up crashing.  This type of gameplay is very outdate and un-fun.  Was very disappointed.  Will not be buying this game.

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