Atari: Game Over Review

Atari_Game_OverFirst heard about the documentary Atari: Game Over a few years ago.  It was being made by Xbox Entertainment Studios.  Which would make TV and movie content for the Xbox Live.  Which has now has been closed.  The documentary would tell the tale of finding Atari’s E.T. game buried in the desert.  Think just about any one would plays video games knows a bit about how the video game industry crashed in the early 80’s.  Most blame E.T. for being so bad in brought the industry down.

When it first came out you could only watch Atari: Gave Over on Xbox Live.  However now it is now on Netflix.  Had to give this a watch.  It is a very good documentary full of cool information and comedy to boot.  They tell the story how Atari came to be and how huge it got very fast.  There was big money going around.  With the need for more they need a game to be ready in five weeks.  That is what one man did, made a game by himself so it could be ready for Christmas.  At the time and to this day it takes more than a few weeks to make a good video game.  Learned at lot about the video game industry.  All so there is all ways more to the story (well knew that any way).  Was very entertained by this documentary.   They pack a lot into a little over an hour.  If you are any type video game fan past or present.  Check out this for sure.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)


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