New Motorcycle Battery

Durabatt_YTX5L-BS_BatteryA few post back talking about needing and new battery for my motorcycle and had to order one.  Well it came in the other day.  Order it on a Thursday and had in my hands on Tuesday.  Which it’s too bad.  Well I got them to order it said it would be out about $60. When I went to pick it up it was much cheaper.  They must have found this cheaper one after I called.  Think this one was cheaper because you have to put the acid in the battery yourself.  The battery is a DurAbatt YTX5L-BS.

Putting the acid into the battery sounds scarier than it is.  It is a pretty simple process.  Not going to explaining it because found a video that does a much better job than I would.  If you are interested you can see that > here.  Not sure how long the batter will last being so cheap.  But so far I am impressed with it.  It was pretty cool one morning and it fired up on the second push.


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