Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle_BatteryA few post back talked about taking my motorcycle out for the first ride of the year.  Everything worked great.  Well a few days ago while getting ready to go to work it wouldn’t start.  Press the button and would only get a weird click sound.  When I got home from work took the battery out and charged it up.  Put it back it and it worked the first press of the button.  Went for a ride and everything was fine.  The next morning the same thing happened.  So the battery is toast.  This is the original battery.  So it lasted about nine years.  Which is pretty good in my book.  Gave the motorcycle shop a call to see if they had on.  Of course they don’t have any in stock.  So had to order one.  Not sure when it will be in.  Just hope its not to long.  Want to get some riding in.


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