Gotham Season One Review

GOTHAM.jpgSeason one of Gotham ended this past Monday (May 4, 2015).  Over all it has been a good first season.  It started off strong.  Then it stared to turn into a murder of the week cop like show.  Those few episodes were a bit of a hit or miss.  Then when they came back after the winter break the episodes got much better.  They last four or five really good.  Think that is because they had more time to flush them out.

Know some people were not to happy with how they introduced or wove in characters from the Batman universe.  I on the other hand think it was great.  All so like the character Fish Mooney.  Wasn’t sure how her story would play out in the end.   That is because in the third last episode you see her get shot while flying a helicopter.  Then in the finale she shows up fine with a new look.  Am glad there will be a second season.   Just hope they show how she made it.  I for one will be watching.  Would give this season a full mark but there were a few episodes which were not that great.  Know the next season will be bigger and better.

4 out of 5  GT (GT = Good Times)


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