Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA_Online_Heists.jpgOver the past few months have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online off and on.  Picked up a copy of the game for my PlayStation 4 back in February.  About every two weeks or so my bother and I will play together.  It is a blast playing the game with someone you know.  Doing the missions is much easier.  Being able to plan things out over the voice chat is nice.  Not a fan of the voice chat in game.  Because if you are to far way you can’t hear each other.  All so if the game crashes you can’t hear each other as well and the quality is not all that good.  We use the PS4’s party chat.  It is a lot better.  Sounds like you are talking on a regular phone.

When I first transfer my PS3 character over was level 86 with all most 140 hours played.  Just a little while ago made it to level 103 with 202 and a half hours played.  Have never played any game for that many hours ever.  Have reached 100 hours or so in some games.  In all those hours was never bored once and still want to go back for more.  While playing with my brother I started to take some pictures with the in game camera.  Which you can then upload to RockStar Games Social Club.   Here are a few.  The first two are my brother taken out some helicopters.  The next one is  us going for a bus ride (which ended badly).  The last one is my car after a sticky bomb fight.




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