The Walking Dead Season Five Review

The_Walking_Dead_Season_5.jpgThis season (five) of The Walking Dead as been amazing.  Every seasons manages to out do the one before it.  Nothing stays the same and you never know what will happen next.  Well for the most part.  By know we all know people are going to die.  However it all ways comes as a shock by who and how.  This season is know different.  All so like the past seasons the first half and second half feel like two different seasons in one.  That is because every eight episodes big things change.

So many cool things happened its hard to remember it all.  One of the be things is seen “W” carved into the walkers heads as well as trees.  Even at the begin of the season when they are Terminus there is one carved into a tree.  This and more is paid off in the season final.  When we see to members of the Wolves.  Think they will turn out to be the craziest and baddest “bad guys” let.  The season ended with a very good cliffhanger.  So now we have to wait until October to find out what happens next.  This season was the best.  It started of with the most kickass opening episode.  Then ending with you wanting more.  There are many reason why this show is so good.  My biggest one is you ever know what will happen next.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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