Bob’s Burgers Trade Paperback

D.E. Comic Page Template.epsOne of my very favourite animated shows that all ways makes me laugh is Bob’s Burgers.   Awhile back remember reading that they were going to be making a comic book series based off the show.  It is made by the people at Dynamite Entertainment.  They publish all kinds of comic book based on many different franchises.  Just found out that the trade paperback of the first (five?) issues is out.   Well in some places.  Took a look at listing > here.  Saying it will be out March 31, 2015.  I will be buying this for sure.

[Update]  Went back on to see the listing for this book and seen that they had one copy left.  So I order it.  Should be here some time this week.  This happens every now again with Amazon.  It says it will be out on such and such date.  They there will be a few copies our before that date.  Then nothing until that date.

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