On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter Review

OnAnySundayTheNextChapter.jpgHave been waiting a very long time to watch On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.  First was going to buy in off of Amazon.ca.  That had a listing it would be out February 10, 2015.  Went to order it on the tenth but the site said, “it would ship within 2 to 5 weeks”.   Later found a different listing saying it would be out March 3, 2015.  So on the third tried to order it and the same thing was there.  This pissed me off.  Ended up renting it off of the Google Play Store.’

Am glad I only rented this because it was a big let down.  It wasn’t very entertaining or interesting.  There is some good bits in there but that’s it.  They do some nods to the first documentary.  How ever they felt out of place.  Think the problem with this documentary is they tried to cram to much in and not letting some of the segments to be flushed out.  If you like motorcycles it worth checking out but not to own.  There is a much better documentary that is newish called Why We Ride.  Which is so much better.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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