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Unreal Engine 4

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Unreal_EngineIf you have played any games lets say the last 20 years a lot of them have been made used the Unreal Engine.  It was made by Epic Games for use in their game Unreal.  Over the years it has grown and change.  With many game company’s using this game engine on their games.  The fourth version, Unreal Engine 4 has been around since 2012.  If you ever wanted to try it out or use it for a game you would like to make it cost a lot of money.  Well until now.

On March 2, 2015 the people at Epic Games have made it available to everyone for free.  This is pretty sweet.  You can read more about that and download it > here.   Think this is pretty awesome.  Sure you can make games with but there are a lot of other things you can use if for.  Like animation, films and the like.   There is all so lot of tutorials and help on the site as well.  I will be trying this out for sure.