Minecraft: Hangers

Minecraft_HangersEven now again would see Minecraft toys and items.  Never understood the appeal. However  that has changed.  Now that I have/do play the PS4 version of the game.  A few days back while waiting in line at the checkout.  The checkout next to me had hockey cards and stuff like that.  Looked down and seen the Minecraft logo.  In the box there were this bind bag toys.  Picked one up so see what it was all about.  They were Minecraft Hangers.  It is a small plastic toy in a bind bag (don’t know what one is inside) with a key chain loop with a bigger plastic hanger hook on that.  The package says there are ten to collect.  I like this kind of things and am a fan of the game now.  So I bought two.  Ended up with a sheep and a sword.  Have to say they do look pretty cool.  Like they are right out of the game.  Just might go back and get some more.  Knowing my luck they will be all gone.  Which happed when I tried to get more of those Lego Simpsons bind bag toys.

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