Grand Theft Auto Online

GTAOnline.jpgNow that I have Grand Theft Auto V for my PlayStation 4.  Have been playing online a bit.  It was very easy to transfer my PS3 character over.  Which is nice so you don’t loose any of the progress, money and items.  Right now I am level 86 with all most 140 hours in.  My brother has a copy as well.  So for the first time got to play the game with some one I know.  Which makes all the difference.   We had a blast just goofing off and doing missions.   Think we spent about four and a half hours playing.  That is the longs non-stop gameplay I have done in a very long time.  Every minute was fun.  Like I said above it is some much better playing the game with some you know.  Setup the world so only the two of us would be in it.  Playing random people is terrible.  All they do is drive around and shoot you.  My goal is to reach level 100.  Just might get there.


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