PS4: Grand Theft Auto V

GTA-5-PS4.pngAt first was planning to get the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V after a price drop.  Was hoping there would be one by now.  How ever wanted to play the game again in first person.  But most of all wanted to get back into the online mode.  So my brother and myself can play together.  So this past Saturday (February 14, 2015) picked up a copy.

It was very easy to transfer my PS3 online character and stats over.  Only took a minutes. GTA V looked awesome on last gen.  It looks amazing on current gen.  There is some much more detail.  In first person you can see even more.  For example when you go to Franklin’s house you can see the rust stains in the tub. Can see myself coming back to this game ever so often.  All so when heist mode is out.

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