PS4_MinecraftBack at the end of January 2015 bought the download version Minecraft for my PS4.  Got around to trying it out a few nights back.  Started with the opening basic tutorial.  Messed around with that for a bit.  Getting used to how the controls work as well as the crafting.  Wanted to know more about crafting things from my first house.  As you may know Minecraft is super popular so there are lots of great help out there.  Found one that is really good.  It’s called DigMinecraft.com.  Just how this site will come in handy.

Having a blast playing this game.  Being able to go at your own pace is very nice.  There is some thing very peaceful about the way the mining and placing blocks works.   Right now I am building a big castle/wall around my the small house I made the first night in the game.  Want to got exploring but need to get some better equipment first.  Some of the monsters that come out at night can be tough.

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