Far Cry 4 Review

FarCry4Cover.jpgIt about time for my Far Cry 4 review.  A few night ago(February 5, 2015) finished it.  What I mean is just like in part three I got 100% complete.  That is all the missions, side missions, hidden items, weapons and what not.  However there is still lots of play left in the game.  You can re-play all the outposts or play online.  Then there is the map editor.  You can make your own maps or play others.

Am a big fan of Far Cry 3 an even bigger fan of four.  They made lots of nice improvements.  For example you don’t have to all go back to any outpost to re-fill up ammo and sell stuff.  Because there are Sherpa’s.  They all ways close by.  They are like a mobile trading post.  Another improvements is when you at sliding down hills or mountains it is easier to slow yourself down so you don’t die.  One more standout is the four wheelers handle way better.  Then there is the climbing parts.  You can only climb with the rope in certain places.  That is all right because in some places you can swing rope to rope to get over certain spots.  The adding of a the small helicopter call the Buzzer which is lots of fun to fly around.  Even more fun in co-op.  Because two people can get on it.  Did try co-op once with my brother and it was super fun.  You can run around together.  All so take over outposts and the new fortresses.  Fortresses are all most like the outpost but bigger and full of heaver armed bad guys.

Had a blast playing this game.  Put all most 70 hours into it and still go back for more.  Like part three the story is silly.  An average joe ends up being an one may army bring all the bad guys to their knees.  Don’t play this type of game for the story.  It is all about the exploring.  The map is huge with all kinds of things to do and look at.  The animals are much better this time as well.  Never know when one will come along and attack you.  There is some many things that make this game awesome.  It is a must have.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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