Marvel’s Daredevil

Netflix_Marvels_DaredevilThe past few years it has been great to be a comic book or superhero fan.  With all these awesome movies and TV shows.  There is yet one more coming, called Marvel’s Daredevil.  What makes this one standout is will be only be on Netflix.  On April 10, 2015 all 13 of the episodes will be there to watch.  That is one of the many great things about Netflix there is no waiting for the next episode.  All so being able to watch at any time and for as long as you like.  Have never seen the 2003 movie version of Daredevil.   Which is a good thing.  Do know about the character.  He is a lawyer who happens to be blind.  At night he is a crime fighter.  Over the years he has trained this other senses that give him superhero like powers something like Batman.  There is a trailer out > here or below which is a must watch.   On a side note there are three more Marvel shows in the work for Netflix.  They all take place in the same universe so there will tie all together.

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