Rouge Legacy

Rouge_LegacyOne of the games, Rouge Legacy, is free this February if you are a PlayStation Plus member.  It is one of the two games listed for the Vita.  How ever if you don’t own Vita, like myself you can still get the game.  A while back remember going though the PSN store.  Seen the game under the cross buy section.  Cross buy games let you play on two or more systems.  Lets say you have a PS4 or PS3 and all so a Vita.  You can be playing it on the PS4.  Then later you might be out about with your Vita you can pick up right were you left off.  When back to the cross buy section again and their is Rouge Legacy to download on to my PS4 for free.  Haven’t tried it yet.  Have heard great things about it.

[Update]  Gave it a try.  Its a very good game.  Understand why so many people like.  It just not for me.  The castle you ender is randomly generated.  So you never know how hard it will be.  Some times only lasted a few seconds before dying.  You need money to upgrade.  So if you don’t have enough before you die you will not be able to buy any upgrades.  All so you can’t save up any money because you have to give up all your gold before going back into the castle.  Didn’t really like it because it felt like I wasn’t making any progress.


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