Computer Chair

Computer_ChairHave need a new chair for a while now.  The one I have it falling apart.  All the fake leather is falling off.  All so the bolts are starting to show in the seat.  When I first bought  the chair I cheap out.  It was on sale and thought it looked all right.  but when I got it home.  It wasn’t so great.  Found it too short and the back was not high enough.  If I all a sleep in this chair it starts to hurt after a while.  So my plan is to buy a much better chair.  One with a high back with adjustable arm rests.  As well as wider seat.

[Update]  All most three weeks ago there was a great chair at Staples on sale.  That had all the features I was looking for.  When in to check it out.  But they didn’t have any left.  The guy there said I could buy it at the sale price now and when one comes in my name will be on it.  All most three weeks of waiting it came in today (February 6, 2014).

Have put a few of these type chairs in the past.  Have to say this one was the most easy.  What I like about it is.  There is a high back with a head rest. Not only does it have an up and down.  There are two other levers be make the seat and back tilt.  You can see the one I got > here.  Didn’t pay that price you see on the website.  It was a lot cheaper when I bought it.


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