Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_4_7Got myself a new toy this past Friday, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7” version.  Have been looking at getting this one for a while now.  It was on sale a few weeks back.  But missed out because it was a weekend only sale.   So when I seen they had it again on sale at Future Shop had to go for it.  Had two gift cards to use as well.  So got it for a good price.  Didn’t really want to get a bigger version.  Not just because they cost more.  Want one I can hold in one hand.

Have to say it is a very nice device. The screen is clear and bright.  There are all kinds of apps both on the Samsung store as well as Google Play.  If you all ready have a Google account all you have to do is sign in.  Going have to get a screen protector.  The screen has so many finger prints all ready.  All so a case.

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