PlayStation Plus February Game’s Line-up

PlaystationPlus.jpgThere is a good mix a games for February’s free games for PlayStation Plus members.  Most of them are indie games.  Well received indie games.  Have heard and seen stuff on every one but two games.  Thinking I am ever closer to getting myself a Vita.  Because there is all ways great games to try.  You can check out their blog post > here.  There is a video as well > here.

PlayStation 4

Transistor.  A very cool looking action RPG.  From the same people who made Bastion.  Will be trying this one out.

Apotheon.  A 2D side-scroller  with a cool looking Greek style art to it.

PlayStation 3

Yakuza 4.  Have never played on of these open world games.  Does look fun.

Thief.  While it didn’t review well.  Still worth checking out for free.


Rouge Legacy.  Have heard lots of great stuff about this game.  Not sure if it’s my type of gameplay.  But interested in trying it out.

Kick & Fennick. An interesting looking platformer.



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