AdwcleanerAs you may know I fixt up computers every now again.  To this day it still surprises me that people just click on random things and end up getting spyware, malware, adware or whatever they are calling it today.  The computer I was working new there was something funny going on.  The test I do ever time is go to Google and do a  random search and see what comes up in the search window.  Seen that there were extra adds on the pages that shouldn’t be there.  The next thing I do is go to a site I know is safe.   Wait a little bit to seen what happens.  Know there is a problem with the site gets redirect.   Sure enough that happened.  There was a program installed called internet updater.  That’s pretty fishy.  Most time this means formatting the computer.  Didn’t really want to do that.  While looking up info on this updater came across a program called AdwCleaner.  Thought it was worth a try.

Must say this program worked awesome.  It’s a small download.  Once you start it, which doesn’t take long.  There is a button to press that scans the whole computer.  Which is very fast.  Then gives you lists of things that are wrong.  It lets you uncheck any thing thing that you know for sure is safe.  Then click the button to remove all the bad stuff.  Which doesn’t take long either.  Going to keep this one my list computer fixing programs.  Recommend this program highly.  You can download it > here.

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