Far Cry 4

FarCry4Cover.jpgReceived Far Cry 4 as a Christmas gift.  As I am typing this (December 28, 2014) have put about eight hours into the game.  Far Cry 3 is in my top five all time favourite games.  So far think four will be replacing part three.  It has all the stuff that made the last game awesome.  While adding new things and improving on others.  The world is big and beautiful.  Pack full of things to discover and find.  There are many more animals to hunt or be hunted by.  Am only so far in a small section of the map.  Just collecting, exploring and doing side missions.  So far I am having a blast playing the game.  This is a must buy for sure.

[Update] Have but in about 19 hours now and still haven’t touch the main storyline stuff (other than the first part were you have to).  Still having fun doing the side stuff and exploring.  Unlocking new skills and weapons.


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