The Walking Dead Card Game

The_Walking_Dead_Card_GameWas checking out some of the Boxing day deal at Target.  Came across a card game called The Walking Dead Card Game.  As you may know I am a Walking Dead fan.  So when I seen the box I had to take a look at it.  They were only asking $10 for it. Not really into board/card games.  But I had to buy it any way. Read the back of the box and it says play time is about 10 to 30 minutes (depending on how many people are playing).  That seems like a reasonable about of time.  Some time these games can drag on far to long which makes them boring.  There are two ways to play.  Hero Mode which is 2 to 6 players.  The second is survival mode, 3 to 10 people.  Have know idea when I will get to try it out.  If or when I’ll be back with an update.


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