Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists

GTA_Online_HeistsThere is some big news to share about Grand Theft Auto Online.   The long waited for Heists will be out in early 2015.  Back on December 16, 2014 they put out a trailer which you can see > here and below.  They all so did an interview with IGN.  You can read that  > here.  Heists will have four people working together in panning, prepping and then pulling the heist off.  There will be one leader will set things up and then give the the players there jobs.  The learder doesn’t get paid until the heists is finished.  The other players will get paid after each prep mission.

This all sound pretty cool.  If you have a solid group of three friends it will be pretty funny.  Think playing the mode with random people will be a mess.  How ever will give it a try for use.   It will be on all platforms in early 2015.  I planning on upgrading to the PS4 version.  Just waiting for the boxing weeks sales.  Just know this game will be on sale then.


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