Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

Middle-earthShadowOfMordor.jpgPut about 50 hours into Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and still have a few side missions left to do.  To sum this game on in one word, awesome.  One of the best games I have played this year.  Was not bored once.  After all those hours the combat is still so much fun.  The game is mostly combat but there are lots of upgrades and perks you can get which makes it even more fun.  The story is good.  It takes place between the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings movies.  So they worked in some faces you will know.  But left it more open to tell an brand new story.

This is an open word game.  Which takes place over two maps which are about the same size.  They are not so big you get lost but all so fun to explore.  The difficulty was just right.  You will die at times but there is nothing that makes it feel cheap or too hard to get past.  Once you get the hang of the combat you can be taking out the Orc’s by the dozens.  The trick is not to be afraid to run way.  All so use all the tools you have at your disposal.  The game is so much fun.  It is a must buy.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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