The Crew Beta

TheCrew.jpgWhile checking my email (November 6, 2014).  Seen that I received a code for the The Crew beta.  Didn’t get in the beta they had back in August.  They are having another beta in November because the game has been pushed back until December 2, 2014.  Once I seen the code.  Turned on my PS4 to start downloading.  The beta is about 14 GB with an update file which is around 2GB.  So it will be awhile before I can try it out.  Will be back with an update while I get to try it out.  Am on the fence about buying this game.  Hoping this beta will help me decide, yes or no.


Was a bit underwhelmed with the game.  It did looks good.  The map is huge and the cars are awesome looking.  They do a great job starting you out with trying all the different game modes.  The world feels a bit like Midnight Club and a Burnout game.  The world looks good but there is not much life in it.  Then there is the story.  Well its stupid.  All most like a knock of version of an old fast and furious movie.  Only played it two times.  Didn’t keep me interested.  So don’t think I will be buying the game.  Well may be when it becomes cheap.  Not worth the $70 (at this time).


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