The Walking Dead Tokenz

TheWalkingDeadTokenzFound some of The Walking Dead collectable items a few days back.  Saw The Walking Dead logo on the packaging so bought it.  Had know idea what it was.  It was in one of the bind bags things.  What they are called it The Walking Dead Tokenz.  There are four in the bag and one being a “virtual reality” token.  They are like poker chips with pictures of the cast and zombies.  Kind of like trading cards but in a poker chip format.  There are 42 regular ones and six virtual ones.  To get the virtual ones to work you need to download app called Bull I Toy Scanit.  Which is on the Apple and Google Play stores.  Tried to get the app to work on my iPod touch.  Didn’t have any luck with the app.  If you want to see what they look like and see the virtual reality one in action > here is a video of them.  They are kind of cool but can’t see myself buying any more because they are hard to display.  They would be great if you had some friends who collecting so you could trade.


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