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Grand Theft Auto V In First Person

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GTA-5-PS4.pngThere is some very interesting and cool news about Grand Theft Auto V for the next-gen version.  Which is coming out November 18, 2014.  This new version which is for PS4, Xbox One and PC will have a First Person mode.  You can play the whole game in first person if you wish.  All you have do is cycle though the camera options.  Think this is pretty sweet.  Being able to run around in first person mode will make it like it is a new game all together.  You can read about about this > here.  You can see it in action > here or below.  All so read that you can all so play in first person in GTA Online as well.  Not sure how that work out in the but might be fun.  Will be re-buying this game.  Just not sure when.  Since there are a few other big titles coming out this month I want to get.