New Mouse

LogitechM500My old computer mouse is a Microsoft comfort optical mouse 3000 is not work right.  Some times have to click three to for times before what ever task I want to get done before it would start.  So went out and bought myself a new one.  Picked up a Logitech m500.  It is a wired USB one.  Not a fan of the wireless ones.  This is the fanciest mouse I have ever bought.  Since you use a mouse for just about every thing decided to go for a nice one.


Have used this new mouse for about four days now.  Really like it.  It fit in my hand so much better than another I have owned.  All so like the scroll wheel.  There are two modes.  One is your standard scroll.  There is a button just below the wheel.  If you click that you can super fast scrolling.  The buttons on the side are nice as well.   You can use then to go back and forth in webpages.  Well worth the money for sure.

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