PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.00

PlayStation4.jpgToday (October 28, 2014) this is a new firmware update for the PlayStation 4.  This 2.00 update called Masamune brings all kinds of new features to the PS4.  You will now be able to play MP3 from a USB drive without the music stopping.  So you can play your music over the game audio or what ever you are doing.  We be able to upload video straight to YouTube now. There will all so be new themes.  So you can change how the “desktop” looks.  How ever the coolest feature is called Share Play.  A simple explanation.  You are playing a game and want your friend to see what you are doing.  Your press the share button on the controller, go though the menus and you friend can see what you see on your TV.  Then at any point you can pass the virtual controller.  So now your friend is playing your game on their TV.  Another option is.  Lets say you are playing a sports game which is two player.  You can set it up so that your friend is playing the game you own on your TV while the are streaming it to theirs.  All most like playing like there are in the room with you.  All this sounds pretty cool.  But my guess it is not going to work right out of the gate.  Will give it a try but now it will be a work in progress.  There is a video explaining ever thing > here or below.  All so GameSpot has a nice article breaking down point by point what this new update will do.  Which you can read > here.

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