Flat Tire

2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgYesterday (October 23, 2014) while riding my Yamaha XT225 home from work.  Just got off the highway.  Going down the road the motorcycle started to feel like there was some thing wrong.  First though it was the front tire.  Slowed down a bit.  One of the turns was going up.  So slowed down some more.  Dropped three gears, made the right turn.  Then gave a bit of gas once the turn was done.  The back tire kick out all most making me crash.  Put my foot out to stop myself from falling.

Got off the bike to see what hell was going on.  Seen that the back tire was loosing air.   Slowly limped the motorcycle home.  Check the tire over to see there was a nail or some type of metal sticking out of it.   Was too late to call the motorcycle shop.  Called them first thing in the morning.

Filled the tire up with air.  Had my father follow behind me with the air compressor.  Pulled over three time to fill it with air.  It’s a bit scary riding with a tire going flat while it was raining super heavy .  Made it to the shop.  A few hours later got a call from them saying it was fix.  They put a new tube in the tire.  When I got there to pay and take the motorcycle home.  He showed me the piece of metal what was in the tire.  It was about three inches long.  Should have kept to share a picture of it.  This has been my first flat tire.  Hope it doesn’t happen again.

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