Gotham Episode One Impressions

GOTHAM.jpgWas looking forward to seeing Gotham to premiere Monday night (September 22, 2014).  But sadly Under The Dome last episode of season two aired at the same time.  Decided to watch Under the Dome first because have been watching all season.  So this why my impressions of Gotham is days after the showed aired.

This show is awesome.  Knew it would be good.  How ever it was much better than I thought it would be.  There are a many things why the first episode was so good.  First on you don’t have to know anything about DC comics or anything about Batman and his villains. That is because Bruce Wayne is still a kid and James Gordon is a newly made detective.  This show is starting at the ground floor so everyone can get in.  So far it seems like they are going to keep everything more realistic.  Then there was all the little things that were there if you are a Batman fan.

This year is a very good year for TV shows.  Think this will be a must watch list.  Will be on mine.

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