John Pinette – I Say Nay Nay

JohnPinette-ISayNayNayA few days back seen a list of stand-up comedians with links to video of their comedy routines.  Seen the name John Pinnette and his picture.  Have seen him on TV before when he was on Just For Laughs.  He was very funny.  On this list > here they have three links to his shows.  So decided to start with the first on I Say Nay Nay.  After watching, this must see show.  Which you can see > here or below.  Decided I should write about his for my blog.  Looking up info on him to find out he had died.  I did not know this.  He died April 5, 2014.  So it is nice to see that you can still watch just how funny he really was on YouTube.  It is well worth you time checking out.

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