The Walking Dead Companion Series

WalkingDeadSeason5Back in October of 2013 there was news about there being a companion series for The Walking Dead.  Have good news AMC has a greenlighted a pilot.  This show would be set in the same world as The Walking Dead.  But would in a different place with new cast.  Think this is an awesome idea.  Not sure if this has ever been done before.  Have two shows in the same world that do not interact.  It would be nice when the season was over for Walking Dead this new one would start.  That way the waiting for the next season to start would seen less of a long wait.  Time will tell how all this will work out.  You can read about his new companion series > here.  Am sure I will be posting more info has it comes out.  In the mean time season five of The Walking Dead starts October 12, 2014.

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