Watch Dogs Review

PS4WatchDogs.jpgHave finished the main missions and a lot of the side stuff in Watch Dogs.  About 77% done so think it is time for a review.  Have enjoyed playing this game.  There is lots to look and do.  It was fun to unlock and upgrade all the skills.  If fact I reached the max level and all skill unlocked about two missions into act two.  There are five acts in all but would say there are truly only four because the last one on contains one missions.  There are a few things that were great an others that were just ok.  Parts of the story were inconsistent.  Same with the way the characters interact with each other is a bit inconsistent as well. Some of the hacking mini games can be frustrating.  But don’t let those small things take way from this must play games.  Then there is the online play.  Not really into that.  But some times you have to play a bit of it.  Even now again someone will hack into your game.  Were you have to find and kill them before the get all the way in.  Some times you can stop this from even happing but some times it happens any way.  Think it has happened to me about six times and was only able to get the other person three times.

This is another awesome open world game with RPG elements.  The games is beautiful to look at and run around in.   There is lots to do and stuff to unlock.  It is well worth the money because there is many, many hours of gameplay.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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