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Emily West – Who Wants to Live Forever

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EmilyWestWhile flipping though the TV channels a few days back.  Caught the highlights from America’s Got Talent.  This show is not on my must watch list.  But there was a lady on there in a red dress with this 40’s pinup look singing one of my all time favourite songs, Who Wants to Live Forever.   That is one of many awesome Queen songs.  After I seen that had to go on YouTube to hear it again. Her name is Emily West. She made the song sound powerful.  All I can say it is a much listen/watch.  It is only a shame she didn’t get to sing the whole song.  That sucks about this TV shows.  They all ways cut things down.  Hope at some point will get to hear her sign the full song.  You can check that video out > here or below.