Open RPG Maker

OpenRPGMakerMany, many years ago friends any myself got our hands on a program called RGP Maker 2000.  It was pretty fun to make your own little game.  Ever since than thought about trying to make another one.  Looked up the programs again and over at the RPG Makers website they have a bunch of different ones to buy.  Didn’t want to spend any money just in case I couldn’t get back into.  Did so did some searching and found an open source one called Open RPG Maker.  Going to give this a try.  If I can’t figure it out will look into “getting” a copy of RPG Maker XP.  This one looks like there would be a lot more help and tutorials.

[Update] Didn’t have any luck with Open RPG Marker.  Messed around with it.   Made a small map then tried to test run and it would fail.  So text window would pop.  Forget what it says.  So decided to give the trail version of RPG Maker XP.  Which you can try for yourself > here.  

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