Watch Dogs

PS4WatchDogs.jpgHave owned my PlayStation 4 and a copy of Watch Dogs for little over a month now.  Not sure why any hours I have played.  Wish there was stats screen or something to show you like most other games have.  Going to guess around 20 to 30 hours (may be more).  Have enjoyed every minute of it.  It is so good.  What makes it awesome is there is so much to look at and do.  Like most games now a days there is some rpg elements.  Have reached level 27 out of 50 and am still on the first Act of the game.  Only have a small few problems.  Some of the hacking (were you have to move little switches with a countdown clock) can be annoying.  It takes lots of re-tries to get some of them and gave up on others.  The other small problem is that I fail each mission/side mission at lest once, sometimes more. For a new IP this game is pretty sweet.  Am sure they will be a second one.  Which should be bigger and better.  If you are holding out on getting Watch Dogs, don’t.  This is a must own.

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