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Batman: The Complete TV Series (Limited Edition) Blu-ray

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BatmanTheCompleteTV SeriesLimitedEditionBlu-rayBack in early July learned that the 1966 Batman TV show is coming to DVD/Blu-ray.  At this years Comic-Con they released more about this boxset.  Knew it would cost a lot of money but not as much as they are asking.  Over at you can get the DVD boxset (as I am typing this, July 27, 2014) for $154.99.  This gives you all the 120 episodes remastered.  A 32 page episode guide and over three hours of extras.  You can check out that version > here.  How ever for $55 more you can get the limited edition Blu-ray.  You get same stuff as the DVD just in Blu-ray HD.  But wait there is more.  It comes with a Hot Wheels replica Batmobile.  The Adam West scrapbook.  44 vintage trading cards.  All so comings with Ultraviolet digital copy.  You can see more on this version > here.  Amazon as the release date as November 11, 2014.  Seems like a lot of money.  Will have to keep my eye on to see if it will go on sale at some point.