Trials Fusion

TrialsFusionAnother game I got for my new PlayStation 4 is Trials Fusion.  It is not very often that I buy a new game right after all ready having a new one.  Most times I wait until I finish one or get tried of it before buying a new one.  Really wanted to try Trials Fusion out ever since I heard about back in March.  It all so has a nice price tag on it.  They were only asking $40 at the store.  You can buy two different you can get off the PSN store.  One is just the plain game going for $20 or you can get the $40 one which will give you all the DLC which is set to come out in the near future.  Much rather have the retail version than the downloaded one.  The retail version comes with a season pass and five unlockable items.  Not sure what this items are.  Will be back with an update when I try the game out.

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